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Why Print on Acrylic?

Printing on acrylic can be seen as a modern progression of a technique employed by classical artists who used varnish on their artwork to enhance colors and safeguard their precious creations.

Just as varnish was delicately applied onto paintings to deepen hues and add a protective layer, printing on acrylic achieves a similar goal in a contemporary context. By transferring images onto acrylic surfaces, vibrant colors are rendered with remarkable clarity, depth, and luminosity, mirroring the vividness of traditional varnish-enhanced masterpieces.

Additionally, like varnish, acrylic printing safeguards the artwork from potential damage, providing a durable and resistant coating that shields the image from environmental factors while preserving its pristine appearance.

This fusion of artistic traditions showcases how advancements in technology can build upon and honor the timeless techniques of the past, breathing new life into the world of art.

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