Hanging your Acrylic Art with 3M Mounting Strips

Clean your wall surface with Rubbing Alcohol, Do not use household cleaners as they may leave a residue that prevents adhesion.

IMPORTANT - Do not clean your Solid State Print with Rubbing alcohol or chemical cleaners, a damp lint-free micro-fibre cloth is our recommended cleaning method.
Press the Strips together to attach the two Velcro pieces together.

Seperate the 3M Mounting strips from their liners on one side to expose the adhesive underneath.
Press the adhesive side firmly to the back of your Solid State Print.

We recommend attaching them approximately 1cm in from the edge.
Remove the remaining liners and press your Solid State Print to the wall, press firmly for at least 30 seconds.


Removing your Acrylic Art with 3M Mounting Strips

  Grab your Solid State Print by the bottom corners and lift forward to remove the print as shown.
DO NOT try to remove the 3M strip by pulling directly towards you.

Lightly press on the TOP of the strip as you SLOWLY pull the grip tab directly downwards along the wall surface.
We recommend stretching the strip at least 15cm (6") to weaken the adhesives bond before attempting to remove it from the wall.