The story so far...

The intersection of Art + Tech

Our journey began as a breakaway from a renowned gaming PC manufacturer, where a group of us with a shared passion for art and technology saw an uncharted path awaiting exploration. Drawing inspiration from the fast-evolving world of gaming, we set out to create something truly unique – a bridge between pop culture art and premium craftsmanship.

Born to push boundaries

Our company name "Solid State Prints" is a nod to our roots in the gaming industry, where the advent of solid state storage disrupted the market and pushed tech forward generation in the space of a few short years.
This name also encapsulates our dedication to utilizing premium acrylic as the canvas for our art, symbolizing both the cutting-edge nature of our origins and the remarkable clarity that acrylic brings to our printing process.

Print Pioneers

Branching off from our parent company, we embarked on a mission to infuse iconic pop culture elements with a touch of modern sophistication. Our choice of acrylic as the medium reflects our commitment to delivering not only visually captivating art but also a tangible representation of our values – a fusion of artistic expression and technological innovation. With an unswerving focus on producing top-tier prints that transcend time, we, at Solid State Prints are pioneers in the realm of art, offering aficionados a chance to own meticulously crafted pieces that seamlessly harmonize the realms of creativity and technological advancement.