Why Choose Solid State Prints?

When it comes to collectible art prints, one option stands out as the ultimate choice: Solid State Prints. Our innovative prints offer a range of advantages that set them apart from the competition, making them the preferred option for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Here's why Solid State Prints are the best option for those seeking exceptional quality and value:

Acrylic Canvases

We elevate the traditional art print to a whole new level
with our Acrylic Canvases that make the designs leap off the wall!

Printing on acrylic is similar to the way classical artists would cover their pictures in varnish to protect the art and enhance the colours. Printing on
Acrylic imparts a remarkable depth and richness that aptivates the viewer's attention!

Flame Polished Acrylic

One notable feature that sets our prints apart from our
competitors is that we flame polish the edges of our Acrylic canvases.

This technique achieves a level of polish that is unparalleled in the world of art prints. If you look closely at other Acrylic prints on the market, you’ll find they’ve still got the rough edges from when they come off the CNC machine
or band saw – this looks messy and also prevents light from passing through the edges of the print so the artwork doesn’t have the same level of clarity that
ours do!

Fair Pay for Artists

Solid State Prints not only prioritize the quality of their
products but also the well-being of the artists who create them. In an industry where compensation can often be inadequate, Solid State Prints stands out by offering a significantly higher payout to their artists. While the average competitor pays out a mere $3.50 per sale, Solid State Prints maintains a standard pay rate of 35% of the retail price. This commitment to fair compensation empowers artists to continue producing exceptional work and enriching the world with their creativity.

3M Mounting Strips

Some of our competitors use magnetic mounting systems, but
if you check their reviews you’ll see these systems mean that your art is always sliding off the wall and constantly needs to be straightened!

We include a set of 3M Velcro mounting strips with each order so that your Artwork will stay on the wall as long as you want – and when it’s time to remove it comes off cleanly!