Sell your art online.

Apply to become a Solid State Prints Artist and you'll earn a commission each time your art sells!

No cost for the Artist

Our platform is designed for artists to make money.

Other platforms charge monthly fees for hosting and selling your art - we don't.

Our business model is built around selling premium acrylic art prints to customers who are looking for a high end product, NOT nickel and diming the artists that we've partnered with!

Competitive Artist Rates

We're art fans first and foremost, and we respect that it's almost impossible to add up all the hours spent working on each piece of art - so we're happy to pay out an extremely competitive artist rate for each print sold.

We're happy to say that we pay out as much as 10x some of our competitors for every sale - that's not a typo!

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How it works

The 3 Stages of signing up to sell your art online.

Apply to join

Fill out an Application using the link above and let us know that you'd like to become one of our partnered artists.

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Upload your Portfolio

We'll help you upload your work and set up a profile in our online store, this will serve as a "home page" for you to share with your customers and followers.

Earn $$ from sales!

Each time one of your artworks sells, we'll process the order and ship it out - and on the next upcoming billing cycle we'll pay you a commission!